Ordering the C15

The C15 can be ordered directly from us. To place an order please send an email to:


Please check the price list below and let us know, which wood color (black or cherry) you prefer and if you want to go for the whole bundle or leave anything out.

The MIDI Bridge and the pedals are optional. The flight case is necessary for the shipping, but within the EU it can be returned. In this case, it would not be invoiced.

We recommend to use two expression pedals and a continuous sustain/damper pedal with the C15. Therefore we offer pedals from Roland and M-Audio and resell them at their current street prices.


EU (incl. VAT)
C15 - black
4300 €
3615 €
C15 - cherry wood
4750 €
3990 €
Flight Case
430 €
362 €
MIDI Bridge
130 €
109 €
2 Expression Pedals (Roland EV-5)
138 €
116 €
or 2 Expression Pedals (M-Audio EX-P)
32 €
26 €
Sustain/Damper Pedal (Roland DP-10)
45 €
38 €

Shipping costs
(for a C15 and accessories in a flight case)

30 €
(incl. VAT)
60 €
(incl. VAT)
UK, Switzerland
230 €
360 €
Other Countries
Ask for shipping costs

In order to send you a purchase agreement we will need your complete address, as well as your telephone number for the delivery. Your order will be complete when you sign the purchase agreement and send it back (as a scan or photo). The payment is due after delivery.

The C15 is built to order. Currently it takes 6 – 8 weeks until your instrument can be shipped.

If you have any questions about the product, the purchase, or the delivery, please don't hesitate to write us an email to: info@nonlinear-labs.de. We can also arrange a phone call, a video chat, or you can visit us in Berlin.


A limited number of C15s are available for rent-to-own. We offer this flexible payment plan to students and trainees and to professional musicians with limited financial resources. If any of these points apply to you, please send your request to: