Founded in 2011 by Stephan Schmitt, Nonlinear Labs is dedicated to building advanced electronic instruments for performing musicians, focusing on playability, expressiveness, quality, and durability.

Nonlinear Labs is a GmbH (a company with limited liability under German law), fully owned by its founder. It is based in Berlin, which has a long tradition of technical and musical innovation.

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Top-quality hardware

Our musical instruments are built to last. They are not consumables to be thrown out and replaced every few years. We use high-grade materials and components to provide musicians with durable instruments. One of our design goals is to make them easy to repair. In addition we will offer to change parts of existing instruments to keep them up-to-date with the evolution of our technologies.

Open source

The dynamics of open source has created many solid and mature technologies and has empowered people around the world. Whenever possible, we will make our software and hardware solutions open source. It is an invitation to sharing and getting more people involved. For Nonlinear Labs, it also means that our ideas can be used in other areas of music performance and production.

Local production

Our prototyping and production is carried out as locally as possible. Working locally means faster development cycles and better communication with manufacturing partners, resulting in higher quality. And by keeping travel and shipping to a minimum, we reduce our carbon footprint and can ensure that the production process takes place under fair working conditions.