The Graphical User Interface


On the display of a computer, tablet, or smartphone a graphical user interface can provide a high amount of detail in a wide range of colors. In addition, modern touch technology gives fast and intuitive access to the elements on the screen.

This is why we made it possible to visualize the C15's parameters and presets on computers and mobile devices.

We found a way to create a user interface, that is - like a website - independent from the hardware platform and OS of the device in use. This approach and our unique navigation concept is described here.

The Synthesis Engine


The C15 is based on a puristic approach to digital sound synthesis. All elements are defined by mathematic algorithms and the only signal sources are two sine wave oscillators. All signals are generated, shaped, and filtered in realtime. Therefore the sound can be dramatically influenced by the dynamic playing of a musician.

The signal processing structure is the result of years of evolution and has been condensed down to an essential, yet powerful arrangement of carefully chosen components. It has been developed as an instrument in Native Instruments Reaktor. A description of an earlier version of the Reaktor instrument you find here.