The C15 is an instrument for those who love to play keys.

The top-quality semi-weighted keybed with high-resolution dynamics drives a synthesis engine responding with a wide spectrum of sound colors and intensities.

The signals are generated in real-time by digital algorithms. We believe that truly expressive sounds can only be created in the very moment of playing. Therefore we don't make use of samples or pre-defined complex waveforms and tables. The core components are two sine wave oscillators feeding a structure with phase modulation (often referred to as FM), waveshapers, a delay-based resonator, a multi-mode filter, and a chain of five effects. Feedback signal paths also play an important role in the sound character and responsiveness. Together, these elements generate organic and complex sounds with a natural instrument behavior.

The C15's human interface has been designed for two purposes: playing and sound design. Like many classical instrument builders, we have chosen wood for most parts of the housing. All other parts are made of steel or aluminium. Along with the excellent keyboard, there is a specially-designed ergonomic pitch bender, two very long touch strips (ribbons), and connections for up to four pedals.

Every parameter can be directly selected by a button. In other words, the C15's functions are software-defined but have a dedicated haptic control surface. In addition, a graphical user interface can be displayed and edited on any device that has a browser and Wi-Fi. The interface is optimized for touch screens and can be intuitively zoomed and panned with common gestures.

Here you can have a detailed look at the Specs and Features.

Production has begun. You can order your C15 here.

Listen & Watch

A set of audio and video demos can be found at our Demo Page. Here are two of them:

Pluck a Bell